Men's Aero Tri Jersey

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9E42093 Research in the windtunnel has proven the new Speed Tech Striped fabric to be the fastest out of more than 180 fabrics. It is now featured on the Aero Tri Suit's shoulders, with a back made of regular coldblack® SpeedTech for minimum air drag on wind-sensitive areas. The heat absorption can be reduced to a minimum with coldblack®, the UVA- and UVB-protection textile finish reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from the sun’s rays. Consequently, the wear comfort of textiles can be noticeably improved.

Since nutrition is as important as the swim, bike and run during a triathlon, new angled back pockets offer plenty of storage for bars and gels while preventing any loss during the race thanks to a tight elastic opening. Fill the ice pockets located near the common iliac artery with ice from the feed zone to help blood vessels stay cool. When you exercise in the heat, your cooling system has to work harder. Your body sends more blood to your skin and away from your muscles. This increases your heart rate. You sweat a lot, losing fluids in your body. Muscle cramps, usually in the legs or stomach (caused by loss of salt from sweating). Cooling these areas can be crucial to performance.

Features: -Mondo front which is super lights and has a great stretch -Speedtech stripes sleeves that is our most aero fabric ever! -CB Speed Tech back for maxmium aerodynamics and cooling effect -Highlander mesh side panels for maximum ventilation -Full length detachable zip -2 angled back pockets -2 ice pockets at sides -reflective accent below the back pocket -Aero lazer style finished at sleeves

Slim Fit
Mondo - Speed tech

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