Grassroots First

A young Louis Garneau loved creating wood furniture in his father’s garage alongside his wife Monik, who was into leather and clothing creations. She sewed Louis’ cycling kit for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games and from there, cycling clubs started asking the couple for kits that were exclusive to them. So was born Garneau Custom, a cycling apparel company with custom creations at the core of its DNA.

“Our very first order was for Bicycle Record, a local bike shop near my parent’s house in Quebec City. Whether the customer needed one jersey, twelve or fifty, we would do it. Working with clubs, at the grassroots of the sport we love, keeps us involved with youth, organizations and charities, which is invaluable.” - Louis Garneau

The demand for custom cycling apparel never stopped throughout the 80’s, and Garneau quickly invested in future technologies to stay ahead of the game. Louis’ trip to a remote area of Italy, in search for a machine that “prints” colours on a breathable fabric, was crucial for Garneau’s future successes, being the first North American brand to offer sublimation on cycling jerseys.

From there, the Garneau team never stopped innovating. They brought ventilated insoles and gloves to everyday cyclists with ErgoAir and redefined saddle comfort with patented chamois technologies for which many Garneau competitors even bought licenses so they can use those chamois on their cycling shorts!

As a racer, Louis Garneau knows that whether it’s in a bike race or in business, those who do not fear heavy winds and brutal climbs prevail in the end. That is why the company always invested in the latest computer technologies and automation to stay in front of the custom clothing peloton. “We opened a high-end factory in Mexico. It got all the latest sewing and cutting technologies out there to answer our client’s latest demands.”

From Steve Bauer finishing second in the 1984 Olympics with his kits made by his teammate's wife, to triathlete Lionel Sanders riding in the lead of the Ironman World Championship, feedback from athletes is a crucial part of Garneau’s custom line development. “Lionel pushes us very hard, so does the Canadian Olympic team. This led to our next revolution in 2021, in which we bring back our most successful apparel. We have a smaller collection built with the quality over quantity mantra in mind.”

Along with sister brands Sugoi and Sombrio, Garneau offers the greatest line-up of custom cycling clothes out there. Garneau covers the high-end road and gravel apparel while Mountain Bike teams and clubs look out for Sombrio’s custom line. For a fashion-oriented design and great fit and comfort for both women and men, you might take a look at the Sugoi collection.

Welcome to the new Garneau custom clothing website, where you can pick your items, design your own kit and order. Whatever you need, we’ll do it.

Because for us, it is grassroots first, always.