Lionel Sanders

Working with someone who believes everything is possible pushes our boundaries for product development every day. Lionel Sanders's mantra, "No Limits", defines both himself and us at Garneau. As multiple Ironman winner and triathlon world champion, Lionel asks Garneau for the best triathlon apparel, helmet and shoes while we get the feedback from a seasoned professional to deliver a product that helps you deliver your next personal best. Above everything, Lionel is a true sport passionate, getting involved in challenges from hillclimb and track cycling records to esports, and we love to partner him in those endeavours as well!

Linsey Corbin

Life is all about balance, and Linsey Corbin personifies balance like no other athlete. A fantastic female athlete role model, Linsey doesn't count the hours invested in charity and non-profit organizations while giving it her best at Ironman racing as well, having eight pro victories to her name plus holding the American Ironman record. Her vision is to transcend the boundaries of her sport and represent the importance of a sound mind, body and diet in achieving dreams.

Mike Woods

Who ever won a cycling world championships medal and ran a sub 4-minute mile? Achieve just one of those superhuman feats and you're in a select club... achieve both and you can only be Michael Woods! A running injury put "Rusty" Woods on a bike, first with Garneau Québecor pro development team back in 2013. He then climbed the ladder of professional cycling within a few years to achieve his Olympic dream in his new sport, plus adding a worlds podium and two Grand Tour stage wins. Michael remains a remarquable Garneau ambassador by helping with the Course shoes development, while sporting the Canadian Cycling Team jersey at each year's world championship.

Canadian National Team

Garneau was a custom team clothing company from the very moment it was born. From Louis Garneau supplying his teammates with Canadian kits in the Los Angeles games to the world's next BMX racer, track sprinter or mountain biker, Garneau is dressing Canada's finest riders from every discipline since 1984. This long term relationship transformed into many olympic and world championship titles, providing Canadian athletes with state-of-the-art apparel when taking on the world's strongest cycling nations.

Garneau Employees

Our closest potential customer is also our colleague. Garneau employees are always first to put new developments to the test. From the weekend warriors to the occasional cyclists that form our group, each and everyone of our staff member is an inspiration for our next innovative apparel, accessory and our upcoming collections. If it doesn't fit our staff's needs, it needs to go back to the drawing board.